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equestrian & sporting Events

Seasonal coverage of sporting events, including the HITS-on-the-Hudson Show Series, featuring their $500,000 Grand Prix


The Country and Abroad covers and helps support local equestrian events, such as HITS-on-the Hudson in Saugerties and local events in Fairfield County, Millbrook, and Dorset, Vermont. In addition, there is seasonal coverage of winter sports, such as ski jumping events in Salisbury, the Bay State Winter Games—skating, skiing and hockey in Williamstown, as well as Lake Placid's winter sporting events. In warmer months, The Country and Abroad occasionally features rowing, golf, tennis, sailing, fishing, and airborne sports. Writers include Lindsay Brock, Nick Lyons, Frances Chamberlain, and Elizabeth Potter.

Laura Chapot and Out of Ireland   Photo: © ESI 2018

Laura Chapot and Out of Ireland Photo: © ESI 2018